Marshmallow and White Chocolate Icing for Biscuits

By Emily McLean

This is my recipe for an icing made with white chocolate and marshmallows perfect to pair with Girl Guide Biscuits.

The recipe makes enough icing to ice 24 biscuits (1 packet of plain Girl Guide Biscuits) sandwiched together to make 12 super amazing treats.

Cooking time: 10 mins

Refrigerating time: I have always left them overnight (8-12 hours) this is if you want a solid icing. You may not need to leave them quite that long. If you want runny icing serve straight away.

Note: Click photos to enlarge.




  1. Half fill the pot with water and set it on the stove top with the glass bowl sitting on top. Set on high and leave to start boiling.
  2. With a wet knife cut your ten marshmallows in half. It is important that the knife is wet because otherwise the marshmallows will stick to the knife and that's a pain.
  3. When the water comes up to a boil turn the element down to medium and throw the marshmallow into the bowl and stir until you see them start to melt. They will stick to the sides a lot.
  4. Then add your chocolate melts to the bowl and stir until the two start to melt together.
  5. Add your milk and stir constantly until the ingredients are all melted together.
  6. Turn the element off and start spooning icing onto the biscuits one at a time. Half cover one biscuit then place another on top pressing them lightly togther.
  7. When you have sandwiched your twenty-four biscuits use the remaining icing to fill in the dip in the top of the biscuit.
  8. Then place the biscuits in the fridge to set or devour them when still runny.